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Israel & Co., New York City
  -  Israel & Co., New York City

What is Israel & Co.?

Israel & Co. is a New York-based nonprofit organization that funds American graduate students of all backgrounds in business, law, and public policy on 7-10-day trips to Israel, introducing students to innovations and technology in this complex part of the world.

Why did they need help?

In an unusual twist of fortune, Israel & Co. suddenly received a large financial gift in 2013. This tiny organization needed to grow — pronto. With only a handful of staff members, the CEO and board needed help mapping out a course for how to scale rapidly, and with stability.

How did Kelly Segal Consulting help them?

Kelly immediately recognized the importance of professional development as a way to bring the existing staff up to speed on how to manage an expanded mandate. She coached the CEO on stepping up his role for a larger organization. She helped them develop a fundraising strategy to maintain their now increased budget size, and developed a full range of fundraising materials, too. Kelly helped give the entire organization a jump-start, from top to bottom, laying the groundwork for a more sophisticated, well-oiled machine.

What happened next?

Israel & Co. is now thriving, with a robust staff and increased programming. Since 2011, the organization has supported more than 260 student- and faculty-led trips to Israel with more than 10,000 participants. Their experiences are numerous and life-changing.

“Kelly is a smart, creative, and dedicated thought partner. It was a pleasure working with her on bunch of projects and I highly recommend her services.”

—CEO Gil Galanos